Photo By Erin Grace Trieb / MPW.57

Crystal Meyer and Bobby Harman dated steadily throughout their four years at Marshall High School, but they didn't expect to become parents before they graduated. During Crystal's junior year she unexpectedly became pregnant with Erica Lynn. Now, a little over a year since graduation with a new addition to their relationship, 11-month-old Erica Lynn, they are forced to juggle schedules, work three jobs between them, sleep little, and take care of an infant.

Crystal works two part-time jobs in order to help pay rent. She starts her day mid-morning at the Sonic drive-in restaurant down the street from the Harman household, waiting on customers, and then she continues the workday at Kasey's convenience store, which is across the street from the Sonic. Bobby, on the other hand, has a 45 minute commute to his construction job, which starts at 4:30 AM. Although their schedules are very different, they both end up exhausted at the end of the day, craving sleep, with little energy to do chores, run errands, or play with Erica. And living in the back room of the Harman household, owned and also occupied by Bobby's parents, often builds stress between the couple with little time to find resolution.

During the shuffle of job changes throughout their day, Crystal and Bobby take turns getting Erica to and from the baby-sitter's house. Sometimes Erica stays with the neighbor across the street, who also has grandchildren of her own to watch, or with Bobby's parents, who also work night shifts.

Raising a daughter has not proven to be an easy task for Crystal and Bobby, who are 18 and 20. However, Crystal says in regard to having Erica, "I'm glad I had Erica. I wouldn't take anything back." Amidst their daily routine, Crystal and Bobby discover the often pressure-filled responsibilities of raising Erica, while they learn for themselves the "baby-steps" of parenting.