Photo By Corey Perrine / MPW.57

Matt Fry and Crystal Cannon started dating August 6, 2004. Matt, then a junior, was 18, and Crystal, then a sophomore, 15. They were your typical high school puppy-love couple. The flirts, the looks and the attraction were obvious among their peers, parents and teachers. Two souls had found a life with each other.

Mid-September 2004, after approximately six-weeks of dating, they took their relationship to the next level in an inadvertent and unexpected direction.

Seven pounds ten ounces later Matt Fry Jr. was born June 16, 2005. Unlike most teen pregnancies the Fry's joined in holy matrimony at the First Baptist Church on O'Dell Street July 30, 2005. Their wedding was simple. Rings were purchased from Wal-Mart and their honeymoon at the Comfort Inn in Marshall. "I told people if I ever got someone pregnant I'm gonna stay with them," Matt said. "I'm not the type to run off, that's just mean. I'm gonna be there for my son."

Since, the balancing act of a teen marriage, high school life, and raising a son is one that has been exhausting but joyful for the Fry's. This is their story. This is their life.