Photo By Juan Carlos / MPW.57

In the not so small town of Marshall, Missouri, just off the main town square, the Plastic Model Museum makes its home. There is no welcoming sign nor is the shop listed as a tourist attraction of the town. Truth is, even most locals don't know it exist. The museum has been in town for nine years and has had very few visitors. If your curiosity over takes you, and it takes you through the door guarded by two empty display windows, you'll enter Stanley's world.

Stanley is a 77-year-old senior citizen who lives in a world surrounded by plastic models, which he has collected for over the past fifty years. He has crafted a life of loneliness surrounding himself with plastic models dressed in dust. If you like, Stanley will take you along for the journey, drawing you deeper into the museum, where you will encounter the miniature railroad which, once in a while, runs through the plastic town surrounded by foam core that imitates the green hills of a mid western landscape. Boxes with models waiting to be assembled rest in the cold dark room There is very little human interaction in Stanley's world, the plastic models have taken the place of people in his life. He has lived so long alone, he says he no longer cares. Loneliness makes him company and sometimes its better than being alone.

If you ever stop by the town of Marshall, and have some time to spare, stop and visit Stanley and his models. He will be more than happy to show you around and don't forget to sign his guest book. The museum hours are 8-5 but Stanley's door is always open.