MPW.65 / Trenton
Gwen McClure / MPW.65
Welcome to Trenton, Mo.

When the city of Trenton welcomed the Missouri Photo Workshop back to town it joined a pretty exclusive club. After hosting the workshop in 1995, Trenton became only the 16th town to host MPW for a second time. Even more generous was how warmly the community embraced these 44 photographers, 11 faculty and a 20-member contingent of staff and crew from the University of Missouri.

We thank the people of Trenton for opening their lives and their homes to us. Our immersion in this town has benefited us as we work to become better visual storytellers, and we hope it has enriched the community of Trenton.

We invite you to explore Trenton with us...

About MPW

The Missouri Photo Workshop has been documenting small town America for over six decades. Learn about the history of the workshop and the philosophy of its founder Cliff Edom, the father of photojournalism.

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MPW.65 Faculty

Kael Alford
Freelance Photojournalist

Randy Cox
The Oregonian

Dennis Dimick
National Geographic

Melissa Farlow
National Geographic

Deanne Fitzmaurice
Freelance Photojournalist

Preston Gannaway
Freelance Photojournalist

MaryAnne Golon
The Washington Post

Kim Komenich
San Jose State University

Brian Kratzer
The Columbia Missourian

Randy Olson
National Geographic

Craig Walker
The Denver Post


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