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We are now accepting applications for the 68th Missouri Photo Workshop, which will be held in Cuba, Mo. from Sept. 25 to Oct. 1. Please submit your application online here.

This year’s faculty include: Alan Berner, Dennis Dimick, Melissa Farlow, MaryAnne Golon, Lynn Johnson, Kim Komenich, Bill Marr, Randy Olson, Jim Richardson, Aaron Huey, Mona Reeder, Randy Cox.

We’re looking for 40 committed photographers who want to improve their research and story pitching skills, their ability to get close to subjects, and to make intimate, story-telling pictures. Apply online now through July 7.

Please direct any questions you may have to MPW co-directors David Rees ( or Jim Curley (

We also invite you to explore stories from the 67th Missouri Photo Workshop.

About MPW

The Missouri Photo Workshop has been documenting small town America for over six decades. Learn about the history of the workshop and the philosophy of its founder Cliff Edom, the father of photojournalism.

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MPW.68 Faculty

Alan Berner
The Seattle Times

Dennis Dimick
National Geographic

Melissa Farlow
Freelance Photographer

MaryAnne Golon
The Washington Post

Eric Seals
Detroit Free Press

Lois Raimondo
West Virginia University

Lynn Johnson
Freelance Photographer

Bill Marr
Consultant (formerly National Geographic)

Kim Komenich
San Francisco State University

Randy Olson
Freelance Photographer

Mona Reeder
Dallas Morning News

Jim Richardson
Freelance Photographer

Jim Curley

David Rees

Duane Dailey
Director Emeritus


See where in Missouri the workshop has traveled to before and explore images and stories from the past 64 years of documenting rural America. Where will the Missouir Photo Workshop head to next?

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