MPW.70 / Mountain Grove
Carlton Ward, Jr. / MPW.70
Mountain Grove, Ozark Town

Thirty-nine photographers from 18 states and nine countries explored Mountain Grove, Mo., an Ozark town turned into a laboratory for improving research and visual story telling skills. What did they find?

- A philanthropist who provides jobs and shelter for those in need, as well as to make used furniture available at a reasonable price.

- Twin brothers who help on the family dairy farm while exceling in athletics at the local high school, and another set of 7-year-old twin brothers, loving each other in their process of growing up.

- A 73-year-old Japanese woman who considers Mountain Grove, not Tokyo, her home, after spending 40 years in Missouri.

- A woman who carefully preens her makeup and long blonde hair each morning before going to her job as a kill-in-the-field butcher.

- A family coming together at the death of the patriarch, honoring his service to his country and to his community even in their grief.

And more! The differences in politics between the photographers and the citizenry was dramatic; but more importantly, the more the two groups worked together, the more they discovered a common humanity and respect for each other.

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The Missouri Photo Workshop has been documenting small town America for over six decades. Learn about the history of the workshop and the philosophy of its founder Cliff Edom, the father of photojournalism.

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MPW.71 Faculty

Dennis Dimick
Eyes on Earth

Melissa Farlow
Freelance Photographer

MaryAnne Golon
The Washington Post

Torsten Kjellstrand
University of Oregon

Kim Komenich
San Francisco State University

Jim Curley

David Rees

Becky Lebowitz Hanger
The New York Times

Randy Olson
Freelance Photographer

Lois Raimondo
West Virginia University

Alysssa Schukar
Freelance Photographer

Denny Simmons
Evansville Courier & Press/The Gleaner

Brian Kratzer

Duane Dailey
Director Emeritus


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