MPW.66 / Platte City
Liss Fenwick / MPW.66
Welcome to Platte City, Mo.

Here's "the skinny" on MPW.66. Platte City threw its doors wide open and 44 photographers from all corners of the U.S. and 14 foreign lands walked through, exploring and documenting the stories they found. While the mayor handed out ceremonial keys to the city, community members not only opened their doors but also their hearts and lives. In doing so Platte City becomes the 46th town to grant MPW the privilege and responsibility of telling its story.

Venture through any of the portals these photographers chose to explore in still images and multimedia projects, and you'll find a compelling story. You can follow a veterinarian with a mobile clinic who travels the roads of Platte County with his dog Squirt ministering to his clients. Another door opens on the twilight of an elderly farm couple grappling with old age, dementia and the legacy of their land. Yet another portal takes you in to the life of an amazing girl named Grace who is undaunted despite affliction.

But really, step through any of these doors and you'll find a compelling and real story.

We invite you to explore Platte City.

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The Missouri Photo Workshop has been documenting small town America for over six decades. Learn about the history of the workshop and the philosophy of its founder Cliff Edom, the father of photojournalism.

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MPW.66 Faculty

Alan Berner
Seattle Times

Randy Cox
Picture Editor

Melissa Farlow

MaryAnne Golon
The Washington Post

Brian Kratzer
The Columbia Missourian

Erika Larsen

Jim Curley

Randy Olson

Lois Raimondo
West Virginia University

Rick Shaw
Pictures of the Year

Scott Sines

Maggie Steber

David Rees

Duane Dailey
Director Emeritus


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